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Billiard Table Maintenance Tips
 Your billiard table is a piece of fine furniture and deserves be treated as such. In order to ensure the tableís long-term playability and appearance, proper maintenance is a must.
  Do not move the table. It was leveled to the floor on the spot it was assembled. Also, the slate sections have been shimmed and the seams sealed with plaster or beeswax. Improper moving will disrupt this. Improper lifting could damage the wood frame, cabinet or aprons. If you must move it, hire only qualified contractors. They will be able to disassemble and move it for you.
  Your billiard table is made of wood and covered by fabric. Air moisture levels can cause deterioration. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier in the room if necessary.
  Avoid, direct sunlight by keeping window shades closed and the table covered when not in use. Bright sun can cause dryness and color fading in the wood and cloth.
  Use a quality furniture wax on the wood and carefully follow that productís directions for application.
   Wood legs will act like a sponge and quickly soak up any water on the floor or carpet resulting in swelling and cracking.
  Brush the cloth regularly. Brush always in the same direction, from where you break, to where you rack the balls. This will provide for proper ball roll. Cloth that is not brushed is dirty and may not be properly directional, causing balls to tail off at the end of their movement. For the aforementioned reasons, your billiard table should not be used as a structure for folding laundry.
  Do not sit on the table. You are liable to scratch the wood, tear the cloth or cause separation of the rubber from the top rail. If you are tired, use a chair. If you can't reach the cue ball, use a bridge.
  To avoid disappointment: keep food, beverage and smoking materials away from the billiard table.
  Keeping your cue sticks in a rack allows them to remain straight and undamaged.
  When traveling with a two piece cue, protect it with a quality padded or hard cue case. Don't leave it for long periods of time in your car during the cold of winter or the heat of summer.
  Cue stick tips require some care to ensure that your game stays in top shape. Reshape and scuff the tip to keep it rounded for control and roughed to hold chalk better. We include a shaper/sanding tip in your free accessory kit.
  Over time your billiard balls will get dirty and lose some of their shine. Ball cleaners and gloss restorers will condition them and keep them looking new.
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