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Mini Bubbler Jukebox
Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello, either way it doesn't matter with this 1946 reproduction of the authentic Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox. This limited edition Crosley Bubbler jukebox features percolating bubble tubes complete with enough neon to light a room. Whether you remember it in the ice cream parlor, the drug store, the diner or the cocktail lounge, you're sure to enjoy this stroll down memory lane. But keep your change in your pocket and put your vinyls back on the shelf as this re production plays your favorite compact discs. The Mini Bubbler features a front-loading compact disc player combined with FM radio and stereo speakers that will knock your socks off. Add a fully functioning remote control and let the fun begin.


• FM Radio with Analog Tuner
• Dynamic Full Range Stereo Speakers
• Electronically Assisted Tuner
• External FM Antenna
• Front Loading Compact Disc Player with LED Display
• Programmable 20-track Memory
• Repeat Play
• Decorative Musical Play List
• Percolating Bubble Tubes
• Authentic Neon Lighting
• External Speaker Outputs
• Full Function Remote Control with Hidden Storage
• Optional Component Speakers Available
• Color: Mahogany Wood Cabinet
• Size: 12"w X 18"h X 9.5"d
• Estimated Shipping Weight: 18 lbs

Company History

In 1920 Powel Crosley founded the company that pioneered radio broadcasting and mass market manufacturing around the world. Dismayed with the $130 price tag for the radio receiver he promised to buy for his son’s birthday, Crosley decided to make his own. Upon successfully building a working set for only $35, Crosley was quick to spot the mass market potential. It was a simple idea - design a fully functioning radio, meticulously craft each unit with obsessive detail and precise accuracy, and of course add a measure of consideration for the wallet.
This simple idea led Crosley Radio to become the world’s largest radio manufacturer while Powel Crosley became known as ‘The Henry Ford of Radio.’ His relentless fascination with mechanical devices, coupled with his intense desire for success, sent Crosley’s career soaring

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